• Creating Your Own Art in Sedona

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Creating Your Own Art in Sedona

November 17, 2016.
Contributed by Roger Naylor.

Sedona frees the creative spirit. That’s an incredible gift. Woman painter with Catherdral Rock background

A rare combination of scenic beauty, exquisite climate and welcoming energy draws millions of visitors hungry to sample the rich bounty. Some come for sightseeing, outdoor adventure, quiet contemplation or pampering luxury. Others come because they are called. These are the artists.

Funny thing is, many may not even consider themselves artists. Yet they land in Sedona, drawn to a landscape so spectacular it startles. It seems to awaken something within them. Sedona inflames passions, widens eyes and opens minds.

As children, we’re all artists. We draw and paint and sculpt with reckless abandon. Somewhere along the way most of us veer from that path. Then Sedona guides us back.

Sedona is a hotbed of powerful inspiration as evidenced by the dozens of world-class galleries that fill the town. What better place to reconnect to your inner artist? Make this vacation a memorable one by creating your own piece of art. Take to the trails with your camera, sketchbook or paintbrush in hand. Go all plein air up in here. You’ll find no end of subject matter to try and capture.

Man teaching girl on potters wheel Sedona Art Center Education

Sedona Arts Center

For additional guidance, sign up for a class at Sedona Art Center, a cultural nonprofit founded in 1958 right in the heart of Uptown. Skilled instructors teach courses in virtually every medium from fiber to jewelry, pottery to painting, poetry to glass.

Workshops are also offered by many of Sedona’s prominent resorts. A few local artists even offer field trips for those looking for some personalized interaction.

Take advantage of the enthusiasm and creative energy found in Sedona. Wander the streets and savor the many works of public art scattered throughout the town. Visit walksedona.com/publicart for a map to the many beautiful displays. Let that inspiration flow through you as you work to create your own art, your own personal connection to a special time and place in your life. Hone your skills. Sharpen your eyes. Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. Let Sedona be your muse.

You may have arrived as a visitor but you can leave as an artist.


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