• Three Things to Know About the Sedona Art Scene

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Three Things to Know About the Sedona Art Scene

September 13, 2016

Hailed by USA Today as one of the most beautiful places in America, Sedona continues to dazzle people with its breathtaking natural beauty of red rock canyons and spacious open sky. The intense landscape attracts artists from around the world, who move to the area, open their own studios and make Sedona their permanent home. In fact, Sedona is often recognized as being one of the best small cities in the country for the arts, and many of its galleries are within walking distance of one another (which you can see on this gallery map). Whether you’re looking for artistic inspiration or to add to your art collection, Sedona is the place to go. Here are three things you should know about the Sedona art scene.

1. Collecting ArtLanning Art Gallery in Sedona

Whether you’re an avid art collector, or simply looking for a souvenir for friends and family back home, your choices are many. Sedona is home to numerous art galleries, supported by a thriving bohemian art community. Artists in the area often find inspiration right in their own backyard, with breathtaking landscapes of red rock formations underneath a vast sky.

SGA logoSedona Gallery Association organizes many of the open art gallery nights and art festivals, with visitors able to view some of the best pieces in the county. One popular art event is the 1st Friday Gallery Tour, held every first Friday of the month, with art galleries opening their doors after hours with drinks, hors d’oeuvres and live music. This is your chance to mingle with other like-minded art lovers and learn about the artists. Expect to find landscape paintings of the canyons, Native American art, and wood carvings from local trees. If you prefer a quieter shopping experience, you can visit the studios during their regular shop hours and purchase original paintings, prints, photography, jewelry, quilts and tons of other items that may catch your eye.

2. Hands-on artTheMeltingPoint_wine glasses

If you’re looking to pursue your own artistic expression, Sedona offers an array of classes for all levels. Interested in working with glass? Just reserve your spot at The Melting Point, a glass art studio that doubles as a workshop. There are programs to enroll in for beginners to advanced artists. Participants will learn the art of making glass beads, vases and glass sculptures. The Melting Point is known for its creativity and encourages their artists-in-training to think outside the box and put their own personal touches into every piece. While there, stop by the gallery and get inspired by the masterpieces of talented glass artists on display.

Man teaching girl on potters wheel Sedona Art Center Education

Sedona Arts Center is another fantastic way to get hands-on experience in many different courses. The center offers multiple classes, including Plein Air painting, photography and ceramics. Interested parties can also enroll in acting classes, a writer’s workshop or take up a filmmaking course to learn how to make short films. Like The Melting Point, Sedona Arts Center will provide workshops to suit guests of different levels from beginners to advanced. Many of the courses will be completed in only six sessions, depending on the method and skill levels.

3. Up Close and Personal

When not creating your own art, take time to appreciate the work of others by getting up close and personal at the annual SVAC Open Studios Tour (Sedona Visual Artists Coalition). The next event will be held on April 28-30th in 2017 and is well worth the wait. The event is free and approximately 40 professional artists in the area will open their private studios to the public to view. This is a unique opportunity to meet artists in their own creative space, with a window into their individual creative processes. Visitors will be able to talk with the artists and learn more about their artistic methods, what inspires them, and how to acquire one of their pieces. The mediums covered include paintings, illustrations, photography, sculptures, woodwork, jewelry, fiber and much more. When visiting Sedona, pick up a brochure (you can find them at most hotels and wineries) to get a complete listing of all the open studios to check out.

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